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Complete a practice job application PDF opens to new window to take with you so that information is right at your fingertips.

Review a sample resumePDF opens to new window for a 9th – 12th grade student. Courtesy of Wm. J. Palmer High School

A wide range of resume examples may be viewed hereNew window icon

Check out this library of advice from career experts.

Create and print your own resume. We'll guide you through the process.

Duration:   30-45 minutes

It is important to include a cover letter with your resume. This tool has sample letters for you to edit and print.

Duration:   10-15 minutes

Practice makes perfect. Here's an opportunity to practice your answers to all kinds of interview questions.

Duration:   20-30 minutes

You should always follow up your interview with a thank-you letter. It gives you one more chance to remind your interviewer about yourself and your qualifications.

Duration:   10-15 minutes

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