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College Planning Timeline

8th Grade
All 8th grade planning steps are shown.
College Planning steps are highlighted.

Start thinking about, and talk with your guidance counselor about what classes you should take in high school. If you plan to attend a four-year college or university, there are certain courses you must take during your four years of high school to be admitted into those colleges.
If you plan to participate in varsity sports at a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I or II college or university, NCAA requirements must be met as well.
Counselors, teachers, parents and friends are all good sources of information.
Ask them any questions you have about college, in addition to doing research on your own.
Study hard!
Make sure you use good study habits and keep your grades up.
Start saving for college.
You might want to consider signing up for a college savings account.
Find out about academic enrichment programs, including summer and weekend programs, available through your school or local colleges.
Don't forget about extracurricular activities like sports, performing arts, volunteer work or other activities that interest you.
Investigate Advanced Placement (AP) and other honors-level courses you can take in high school to help you prepare for college.
You can take the PSAT 8 at your own expense to test and evaluate your skills in English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning.
It's good practice and your scores won't count towards your college application.